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Human Affairs (2018)

Director: Charlie Birns,Charlie Birns
Cast: Dominic Fumusa, Kerry Condon, Julie Sokolowski, David Harbour, Autumn Stein, Lisa Joyce, Antonio Lunetta, Jacqueline Antaramian, Laura Esterman, Kate Geller, Jack Haley, Sondra James, Markeith McCain, Michael James Scott, Dierdre Reimold, Marianne Barthelemy, Carlos Labbe, Jack Casey, K. Andrew Deffley, Olivia Rose Eierman, Ray Iannicelli, Katie McCarty, Inna Muratova, Jon Necaj, And Palladino, Zonia Pelensky, Joe Rusnak


A compassionate drama about a young, successful theatre couple in New York City who meet their surrogate mother for the first time and embark on a startling and intimate weekend of surprises and emotional revelations.

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